Revealedtruth Properties is a real estate and modular building company that builds quality but affordable residential apartments, affordable homes, holiday homes, hospitals or clinics, schools, offices, churches, mosques, market or shopping centres, and many more. We are versatile and unique in every building project we undertake to the best of our customers’ satisfaction and expectations due to the environmentally friendly and durable technology used in our building operations which comes with numerous benefits such as sound or noise absorption insulation, water / fire proofs, heat insulations and earth quake resistance.

We are also involved in building quality and affordable housing or any building structure at any location in Ghana for people who legally have their own land. Our home ownership development policy is well structured and designed to assist people (especially first-time buyers) in purchasing their own property at a price of 20% (reduced cost) below the current market value

Services 1. Residential

Affordable Homes

The typical Ghanaian household is often faced with three choices in the acquisition of shelter. These are rent, build or mortgage a home. According to the Research Department under Bank of Ghana (2007), Ghana’s housing market is under developed and owning a house is many households’ prime target.

Therefore, our team priorities our operations in pursuit of promoting quality affordable housing to the entire population in accordance to the fundamental goals of government’s social development. The average Ghanaian under any range of salary even low middle income earner can confidently own his own affordable house built with durable materials produced under well fulfilling services.

Creating the perfect home can take years but our quality affordable modular homes can be finished in just a matter of weeks (within 3 three months), with no need to worry about unpredictable weather or estate problems, these are some of the fastest homes you will own.

Services 2. Commercial


Offices  / Industries

Revealedtruth Properties is one of the leading modular building companies offering commercial construction services in the commercial buildings sector. We build several apartments buildings, offices, warehouses, shopping malls, commercial plazas and stores. Client Engagement and Customer Satisfaction are our core values and work ethics. Our company employs the best engineers and strategic planners for the projects we undertake.

Revealedtruth properties construct adaptable and flexible modular offices space and industries that brings a whole new dimension to the working dynamics of your business. Due to architectural simplicity of the modules, you can completely customize your offices and adjust the space characteristics to your requirements. You also get greater flexibility, otherwise unavailable in permanent solid-build structures – when you feel the need to reorganize your working spaces, modules can be reconstructed or relocated if necessary in a quick, easy and inexpensive process.


For what business purposes do modular office space or industry work best?

Modular offices can come in various forms, and especially sizes. Our technology is largely backed by the needs of the industrial sector, where modernization of the technological process required more adaptable spaces, which can overcome the limitations of traditional permanent structures. Various industries have used modular architecture since, with modular office spaces as basic units, occasionally being interconnected and transformed into large modular buildings.


Today’s IT industry, banking , insurance sectors and manufacturing companies are good examples of business branches where modular offices can show their full potential. However, modules can be convenient for all sorts of on-site offices, which can be organized with only a simple, affordable modular office cabin.

Services 3. Holiday homes

Modular homes have been becoming more and more popular as a choice for holiday homes. The simplicity and durability of modular homes together with their affordability and modern convenience makes them a natural choice for holiday home buyers or builders who are looking for the perfect getaway to use themselves. As compared with the traditional building, it is easier and quicker to build, its affordable, strong, green to environment, suitable for the family living, well customized layout and decoration and last for more than 75 years.

Our holiday homes would rest beautifully on its own private site or as part of wider holiday village. The stylished arrangement creates wide, bright and spacious rooms inside and a feature garden/porch in between. There are bedrooms, large open-plan kitchen and dining area, foyer, spacious living room and bathroom.

Services 4. Residential modular apartments

Our residential apartments are builts in several modernised style, this affordable modular home features are solidly built within just 6 weeks from foundation stage to handover. With an innovative approach, the Revealedtruth Properties™ delivers a bright and spacious bedroom home with open planned living to suit modern family life. You deserve to own the best affordable homes from us.

Services 5. Educational Buildings (Modular Schools)

In Revealedtruth Properties, we design comprehensive educational facilities  for different age groups and purposes that can serve as permanent (ranging from Montessori to tertiary institutions); as independent units or extensions. Our modular school buildings are made to great educational and extra curricular ambitions of any educational institution.


 We vouch for their high energy-efficiency and simple use, as well as their reusability and high-quality of materials. They are especially useful in any ecological condition (eco-friendly) where modular school classrooms need to be variable and changeable quickly to adapt to different conditions of the surroundings.

With Revealedtruth Properties, your goals comes to reality.

Services 6. Modular Hospitals & Clinics

Our project team designs and construct modular hospitals and clinics or any health building structure which meets or exceeds the standards of conventional construction. Our team of medical construction experts combined with your specific design requirements provides us with the unique ability to help you build, expand or renovate quickly and efficiently with temporary and permanent modular solutions.

Our modular hospital and clinics can also be constructed to match existing structures on any medical campus.

Permanent Modular Hospital and Clinics

Modular hospitals and clinics meet the same design intent and specifications of a traditionally built facility, but in about half the time. This increases the “speed to market” of your medical facility, saving you time and money.

Permanent modular construction can also be combined with traditionally constructed elements for a hybrid approach.

Services 7. Markets and shopping centres

Revealedtruth Properties in its unique technology and designs constructs warehouses, shopping malls, commercial plazas and stores to meet our customers' satisfaction which is our core values and work ethics. Our company employs the best engineers and strategic planners for the projects we undertake. The construction process is carried out under strict supervision.

Services 8. Churches

Revealedtruth Properties modular building systems is well endowed in designing and constructing  modular church buildings, mosques and other worship centres to match your organization’s specific challenges, space limitations, and capacity requirements.

Great benefits you enjoy when using our modular buildings is that our engineering and construction team uses an advanced technology that have sound absorption insulators, water proofs and fire or heat insulators.

When your congregation needs additional flexible space quickly, permanent modular church buildings can bring you cost-effective, durable, attractive options on a tight schedule.

With modular worship buildings & religious facilities, you can:

  • Maximize small land spaces

  • Incorporate multiple classrooms and offices

  • Design as single- or multi-story structures

  • Finish to match your current building’s exterior finishes

  • Develop complete restroom facilities

  • Wire for full data connectivity

  • Fully comply with all applicable building codes

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